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Adult Contemporary Pop
Adult Contemporary Pop (3:07) — Details


Go Dance
Go Dance (2:40) — Details
Moon Dance
Moon Dance (1:27) — Details
Vicious Circle
Vicious Circle (3:39) — Details
Pushing Hard
Pushing Hard (2:27) — Details
Four Seasons
Four Seasons (2:09) — Details
Smell Of Spring
Smell Of Spring (2:16) — Details
Paradise Dream
Paradise Dream (1:09) — Details
Anything For You
Anything For You (1:54) — Details
Moment An Enlightenment Of Life
Moment An Enlightenment Of Life (2:36) — Details
The Long Road
The Long Road (2:20) — Details
Hot wind
Hot wind (4:16) — Details
Hold On
Hold On (1:26) — Details
Only For A Day
Only For A Day (2:46) — Details
Hoping For The Best
Hoping For The Best (3:53) — Details
Out The Door (Vox)
Out The Door (Vox) (3:58) — Details
Sweet Home (Vox)
Sweet Home (Vox) (5:10) — Details
Don't Know What To Do (with Vocals)
Don't Know What To Do (with Vocals) (5:03) — Details


Get Your Boogie Down
Get Your Boogie Down (3:58) — Details


Waiting On - (with vocals)
Waiting On - (with vocals) (6:20) — Details
Feeling So Stylish Tonight
Feeling So Stylish Tonight (3:26) — Details
Don't Fit In (with Vocals)
Don't Fit In (with Vocals) (4:26) — Details
U.S.A (with vocals)
U.S.A (with vocals) (4:50) — Details
Open Door
Open Door (3:23) — Details
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