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Take Damage Royalty-free Music, SFX, and Loops

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Cartoon Damage Dings
Cartoon Damage Dings (0:03) — Details
Boomy Electric Damage Whoosh
Boomy Electric Damage Whoosh (0:06) — Details
Cartoon Damaged Spring
Cartoon Damaged Spring (0:06) — Details
Thunder Spark Damage
Thunder Spark Damage (0:07) — Details
Electric Damage Ambience
Electric Damage Ambience (0:59) — Details
Inside Damaged Chopper Sounds
Inside Damaged Chopper Sounds (0:39) — Details
Distant Engine Damage
Distant Engine Damage (0:12) — Details
Electricity Damage - Futuristic
Electricity Damage - Futuristic (0:22) — Details
Cartoon Damage Sound
Cartoon Damage Sound (0:01) — Details
Space Electric Damage
Space Electric Damage (0:05) — Details
Damaged Spaceship Whoosh
Damaged Spaceship Whoosh (0:09) — Details
Computer Readout Damaged
Computer Readout Damaged (1:29) — Details
Computer Readout Damaged
Computer Readout Damaged (0:30) — Details
Computer Readout Damaged
Computer Readout Damaged (1:00) — Details
Magnetic Impulse Whoosh
Magnetic Impulse Whoosh (0:02) — Details
Cartoon Broken String
Cartoon Broken String (0:04) — Details
Wire Shot
Wire Shot (0:02) — Details
Broken Spring Mechanism
Broken Spring Mechanism (0:01) — Details
Spooky Electric Ambience - Looping
Spooky Electric Ambience - Looping (1:37) — Details
Industrial Electric Chaos Ambience
Industrial Electric Chaos Ambience (0:38) — Details
Broken Cartoon Vehicle
Broken Cartoon Vehicle (0:26) — Details
Metallic Passing By
Metallic Passing By (0:09) — Details
Futuristic Panning Short Circuit
Futuristic Panning Short Circuit (0:22) — Details
Electric Scifi Ambiance - Looping
Electric Scifi Ambiance - Looping (3:28) — Details
Falling Down Old Aircraft
Falling Down Old Aircraft (0:16) — Details
Space Wastelands Ambience - Looping
Space Wastelands Ambience - Looping (3:38) — Details
Cartoon Broken Mechanism Sounds
Cartoon Broken Mechanism Sounds (0:07) — Details
Futuristic Avalanche
Futuristic Avalanche (0:28) — Details
Fast Wire Swoosh
Fast Wire Swoosh (0:01) — Details
Cartoon Sounds Of Wrecking Mechanism
Cartoon Sounds Of Wrecking Mechanism (0:07) — Details
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