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Military Commands Shouts - Male
Military Commands Shouts - Male (0:21) — Details
Male Shouting: Hey You!
Male Shouting: Hey You! (0:10) — Details
Male Shouting Asking For Silence
Male Shouting Asking For Silence (0:09) — Details
Male Samurai Shouts
Male Samurai Shouts (0:07) — Details
Male Short Pain Shouts
Male Short Pain Shouts (0:03) — Details
Male Massive Battle Shout
Male Massive Battle Shout (0:02) — Details
Short Karate Shouts - Male
Short Karate Shouts - Male (0:07) — Details
Young Male Group Wild Joy Shouts
Young Male Group Wild Joy Shouts (0:02) — Details
Male Shout
Male Shout "fire!" (0:07) — Details
Male Shouting: Hello!
Male Shouting: Hello! (0:05) — Details
Male Wow! Shouts
Male Wow! Shouts (0:15) — Details
Male Cowboy Shout
Male Cowboy Shout (0:02) — Details
Cartoon Male Panic Shouts
Cartoon Male Panic Shouts (0:05) — Details
Cartoon Male Hooray Shouts
Cartoon Male Hooray Shouts (0:03) — Details
Male Cartoon Fear Shouts
Male Cartoon Fear Shouts (0:10) — Details
Male Cartoon Enjoy Shouts
Male Cartoon Enjoy Shouts (0:04) — Details
Male Shouts: Ready, Set, Go - Dry
Male Shouts: Ready, Set, Go - Dry (0:03) — Details
Caveman Fallings
Caveman Fallings (0:04) — Details
Loud Male Fight Screams
Loud Male Fight Screams (0:18) — Details
Fight Hit Moan Shouts
Fight Hit Moan Shouts (0:06) — Details
Man Falling Down
Man Falling Down (0:02) — Details
Dying In Fight Sounds
Dying In Fight Sounds (0:08) — Details


Male Loud Panic Screams
Male Loud Panic Screams (0:19) — Details
Male Pains Screams
Male Pains Screams (0:15) — Details
Young Male Group Scream
Young Male Group Scream (0:06) — Details
Male Audience Applause - Strong
Male Audience Applause - Strong (0:05) — Details
Scared Male Long Scream
Scared Male Long Scream (0:12) — Details
Male Short Scary Screams
Male Short Scary Screams (0:22) — Details
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