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Punchy Rotating Whoosh
Punchy Rotating Whoosh (0:05) — Details
Starting Rotating Plastic Propeller
Starting Rotating Plastic Propeller (0:06) — Details
Cartoon Rotating Throw Away
Cartoon Rotating Throw Away (0:01) — Details
Slow Rotating Step Knob
Slow Rotating Step Knob (0:08) — Details
Fast Rotating Step Knob
Fast Rotating Step Knob (0:04) — Details
Noisy Rotating Swooshes
Noisy Rotating Swooshes (0:08) — Details
Cartoon Fast Rotating Slides
Cartoon Fast Rotating Slides (0:06) — Details
Cartoon Rotating Fall Down
Cartoon Rotating Fall Down (0:02) — Details
Short Rotating Swoosh
Short Rotating Swoosh (0:02) — Details
Rotating Falling Movement Swoosh
Rotating Falling Movement Swoosh (0:04) — Details
Galaxy Rotation 60s
Galaxy Rotation 60s (1:00) — Details
Rotating Wobble Swoosh
Rotating Wobble Swoosh (0:03) — Details
Rotating Air Whoosh
Rotating Air Whoosh (0:03) — Details
Rotating Swooshes - Phased
Rotating Swooshes - Phased (0:08) — Details
Rotating Hissy Whoosh Passing
Rotating Hissy Whoosh Passing (0:07) — Details
Small Rotating Rolls With Stop
Small Rotating Rolls With Stop (0:16) — Details
Axe Rotate Swoosh
Axe Rotate Swoosh (0:01) — Details
Slow Rotating Helicopter - Looping
Slow Rotating Helicopter - Looping (0:12) — Details
Rotating Swooshing Sound
Rotating Swooshing Sound (0:03) — Details
Slow Rotating Mechanism - Looping
Slow Rotating Mechanism - Looping (0:05) — Details
Large Rotating Space Whoosh
Large Rotating Space Whoosh (0:07) — Details
Rotating Throwing Whoosh
Rotating Throwing Whoosh (0:05) — Details
Rotating Bubbling Whoosh
Rotating Bubbling Whoosh (0:03) — Details
Fast Rotating Mechanism - Looping
Fast Rotating Mechanism - Looping (0:12) — Details
Medium Rotating Mechanism - Looping
Medium Rotating Mechanism - Looping (0:05) — Details
Rotating Machine Mechanism - Looping
Rotating Machine Mechanism - Looping (0:11) — Details
Spaceship Rotate Crash
Spaceship Rotate Crash (0:10) — Details
Metallic Large  Rotating Object Swoosh
Metallic Large Rotating Object Swoosh (0:07) — Details
Magic Rotating Spell Casting Or Skids
Magic Rotating Spell Casting Or Skids (0:05) — Details
SL CBG BPM80 E Rotation
SL CBG BPM80 E Rotation (0:12) — Details
Wet Spinning Transition
Wet Spinning Transition (0:02) — Details
Slow Spinning Space Craft Passing
Slow Spinning Space Craft Passing (0:11) — Details
Rattling Plastic Noise
Rattling Plastic Noise (0:17) — Details
Helicopter Propeller
Helicopter Propeller (0:19) — Details
Panning Hissy Whoosh
Panning Hissy Whoosh (0:02) — Details
Chopper On Ground
Chopper On Ground (1:30) — Details
Fairy Magic Flying Twister
Fairy Magic Flying Twister (0:16) — Details
Cartoon Fast Spinning Slides
Cartoon Fast Spinning Slides (0:06) — Details
Cartoon Short Fast Swirls
Cartoon Short Fast Swirls (0:06) — Details
Noisy Reel Wheel Turns
Noisy Reel Wheel Turns (0:08) — Details
Futuristic Whizzer Bouncing Whoosh
Futuristic Whizzer Bouncing Whoosh (0:08) — Details
Changing Speed Of Cooler Fan
Changing Speed Of Cooler Fan (0:34) — Details
Swirling Ninja Stars
Swirling Ninja Stars (0:06) — Details
Spaceship Launching Or Starting
Spaceship Launching Or Starting (0:09) — Details
Inside Mill Ambience
Inside Mill Ambience (0:59) — Details
Futuristic Propeller Slow Moves
Futuristic Propeller Slow Moves (0:43) — Details
Sci fi Chopper ambiance
Sci fi Chopper ambiance (0:46) — Details
Sci fi Chopper
Sci fi Chopper (0:46) — Details
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