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Romance Groove Royalty-free Music, SFX, and Loops

  • "romance groove"

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Yours Forever
Yours Forever (1:19) — Details
Bedroom Time
Bedroom Time (1:19) — Details


Night In Cuba
Night In Cuba (3:15) — Details
Here Is Love Vast As The Ocean Jazz
Here Is Love Vast As The Ocean Jazz (2:44) — Details
Winter Delight
Winter Delight (1:27) — Details
To The End
To The End (1:03) — Details
The Lover
The Lover (1:21) — Details
Don't Know What To Do (with Vocals)
Don't Know What To Do (with Vocals) (5:03) — Details
Time (1:37) — Details
Not Looking Back
Not Looking Back (5:37) — Details
Takes A Heart
Takes A Heart (1:17) — Details
Come On In
Come On In (1:45) — Details
Figure A Way
Figure A Way (1:13) — Details
Love Me (with vocals)
Love Me (with vocals) (4:01) — Details
Holding On To You
Holding On To You (1:30) — Details
Best Girl
Best Girl (2:05) — Details
New Road Ahead
New Road Ahead (3:40) — Details
Happy Trails
Happy Trails (1:40) — Details


Walk In The Park
Walk In The Park (2:09) — Details
New Hope
New Hope (1:23) — Details
Your Get Away (with vocals)
Your Get Away (with vocals) (3:36) — Details
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze (1:28) — Details
One Together
One Together (2:04) — Details
Moments (with vocals)
Moments (with vocals) (4:26) — Details
Country Roots
Country Roots (4:01) — Details
Mend A Broken Heart
Mend A Broken Heart (2:40) — Details
Just Lazing Around
Just Lazing Around (3:33) — Details
Blues For Becky
Blues For Becky (3:31) — Details
Break My Heart
Break My Heart (2:28) — Details
Only For A Day
Only For A Day (2:46) — Details
Old School Loving
Old School Loving (1:27) — Details
Not Forever
Not Forever (4:47) — Details
Exotic Adventure
Exotic Adventure (0:21) — Details
Side By Side Forever
Side By Side Forever (3:37) — Details
Open Door
Open Door (3:23) — Details
Got To Do It (with vocals)
Got To Do It (with vocals) (4:34) — Details
Loving You (with vocals)
Loving You (with vocals) (4:26) — Details


Pleasant Afternoon
Pleasant Afternoon (2:43) — Details
Eat Myself Some Worms (with vocals)
Eat Myself Some Worms (with vocals) (6:13) — Details


No Problem
No Problem (2:08) — Details
Overcoming The Obstacles
Overcoming The Obstacles (2:03) — Details
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