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High Tension Sound Effect Royalty-free Music, SFX, and Loops

  • "high tension sound effect"

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Slow Cracking
Slow Cracking (0:03) — Details
Cartoon Tension Timpani Drums
Cartoon Tension Timpani Drums (0:16) — Details


Horror Spooky Chimes Effect
Horror Spooky Chimes Effect (0:10) — Details
Big Horn Horror Tension
Big Horn Horror Tension (0:26) — Details
Spooky Tension Gong
Spooky Tension Gong (0:12) — Details
Cartoon Clarinet Trills And Crash
Cartoon Clarinet Trills And Crash (0:08) — Details
Bursting Rubber Short Sounds
Bursting Rubber Short Sounds (0:09) — Details
Slow Big Can Smashing
Slow Big Can Smashing (0:09) — Details


Drama Tension Suspense Staccato
Drama Tension Suspense Staccato (0:12) — Details
Dangerous Drum Rolls
Dangerous Drum Rolls (0:20) — Details
Dark Cartoon Tremolo With Hit
Dark Cartoon Tremolo With Hit (0:10) — Details
Strings - Crescendos Dramatic
Strings - Crescendos Dramatic (0:38) — Details
Ghost Creepy Long Whoosh
Ghost Creepy Long Whoosh (0:08) — Details
Wood Construction Tension Noises
Wood Construction Tension Noises (0:27) — Details
Drum Roll 1
Drum Roll 1 (0:16) — Details
Fast Tamborine Roll
Fast Tamborine Roll (0:04) — Details
High Pitched Timpani Roll
High Pitched Timpani Roll (0:13) — Details


Cinematic String Choir Stinger
Cinematic String Choir Stinger (0:13) — Details
Drama String Suspense Staccato
Drama String Suspense Staccato (0:05) — Details
Thriller Cave Ambiance - High Tension
Thriller Cave Ambiance - High Tension (0:55) — Details
Fear Piano Film Theme
Fear Piano Film Theme (0:19) — Details
Circus Jumps With Clarinet
Circus Jumps With Clarinet (0:04) — Details
Wood Tension Creaks
Wood Tension Creaks (0:29) — Details
Wooden Floor Creaks
Wooden Floor Creaks (0:13) — Details
Wooden Construction Creaks
Wooden Construction Creaks (0:17) — Details
Drum Roll 2
Drum Roll 2 (0:07) — Details
Creepy Bells Passing
Creepy Bells Passing (0:12) — Details
Mad Teenager Murderer
Mad Teenager Murderer (1:16) — Details
Drum Roll with Cymbal Crash at End
Drum Roll with Cymbal Crash at End (0:18) — Details
Mystery Electric Ambiance
Mystery Electric Ambiance (1:18) — Details
Creepy Ambience Background - Caves
Creepy Ambience Background - Caves (1:02) — Details
Long Bass Drum Roll
Long Bass Drum Roll (0:31) — Details
Snare Roll
Snare Roll (0:04) — Details


Danger Fear Strings Stinger
Danger Fear Strings Stinger (0:06) — Details
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