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Sound designers face a number of creative problems—from deadlines to budgetary constraints—but finding the right music with lyrics is especially tricky, given that original songs are outrageously expensive and modern, recognizable music is generally subject to copyright restrictions. Fortunately, we just added hundreds of fresh, radio-worthy tracks to our library of royalty-free stock music. And to make it easy to find the right sound without breaking the bank, we curated our favorites into this collection.

London Again
London Again (3:32) — Details
Let's Die of Our Sins
Let's Die of Our Sins (2:56) — Details
Steps (3:29) — Details
Livin the Life
Livin the Life (3:05) — Details
Your Face
Your Face (2:37) — Details
The Soundtrack of Our Summer
The Soundtrack of Our Summer (2:24) — Details
Grind ft. David-J
Grind ft. David-J (2:29) — Details


Life Is A Cycle
Life Is A Cycle (3:28) — Details


F*RNR (4:16) — Details
Close 2 U
Close 2 U (3:14) — Details
Xerox (3:01) — Details


Things That I'll Keep
Things That I'll Keep (3:54) — Details
Positive (3:08) — Details
Legacy (2:33) — Details
Emma (3:01) — Details
Yoga Moves
Yoga Moves (2:45) — Details
What I Need
What I Need (2:35) — Details
With You
With You (3:06) — Details
Sundays (2:57) — Details
The Wrong Sail
The Wrong Sail (3:18) — Details
All We Know
All We Know (3:14) — Details
Killin Me
Killin Me (3:19) — Details
In My Dreams
In My Dreams (3:33) — Details
Forgive and Remember
Forgive and Remember (3:13) — Details
Holding On
Holding On (4:13) — Details
Fete (3:31) — Details
You're Mine and I'm Yours
You're Mine and I'm Yours (3:29) — Details
Get it Right
Get it Right (4:10) — Details
They DonÕt Say
They DonÕt Say (4:16) — Details
Heart String
Heart String (3:39) — Details
Nessa (3:48) — Details


Confrontation ft. Nadia
Confrontation ft. Nadia (4:28) — Details
Kill the Old
Kill the Old (2:18) — Details
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