Halloween Music and Sounds

Make your next project spooktacular with our collection of Halloween music and sounds

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Get in the Halloween spirit with scary sounds and mysterious music—fit to make even the bravest people feel the chills. Use our scary music in sounds in your next horror film or a ghostly video.

Scary oooh 7
Scary oooh 7 (0:05) — Details
Female, scream
Female, scream (0:00) — Details
A Haunted Grand Piano
A Haunted Grand Piano (3:39) — Details
Haunted Forest Atmosphere
Haunted Forest Atmosphere (2:11) — Details
Haunted October Horror
Haunted October Horror (2:13) — Details
The Harpsichord Of Horror
The Harpsichord Of Horror (3:26) — Details


Haunting Horror
Haunting Horror (3:52) — Details
Long Scary Wooden Creaks
Long Scary Wooden Creaks (0:23) — Details


Scary Metal Horror Glides
Scary Metal Horror Glides (0:21) — Details


Horror Metallic Screeches
Horror Metallic Screeches (0:08) — Details


Creepy Reversed Glass Sound
Creepy Reversed Glass Sound (0:09) — Details
Creepy Metal Creaks
Creepy Metal Creaks (0:23) — Details


Nightmare Scream
Nightmare Scream (0:03) — Details
Distant Creepy Movement Ambience
Distant Creepy Movement Ambience (0:31) — Details
Distant Creepy Dog Howling
Distant Creepy Dog Howling (0:26) — Details


Killer Scene With Breath And Scream
Killer Scene With Breath And Scream (0:32) — Details
Children Panic Screams
Children Panic Screams (0:09) — Details
Scary Piano Stinger
Scary Piano Stinger (0:19) — Details


Drone Vox Low Scary
Drone Vox Low Scary (2:00) — Details
Ghostly Wind Eerie Haunting
Ghostly Wind Eerie Haunting (0:19) — Details


Stab Shocking Scary
Stab Shocking Scary (0:05) — Details
Wind Element Scary Ghostly
Wind Element Scary Ghostly (0:11) — Details
Haunted Melody
Haunted Melody (0:15) — Details
Creepy Music
Creepy Music (3:20) — Details
Horror-Style Impact 6
Horror-Style Impact 6 (0:08) — Details
Blood Curdling Scream (with reverb)
Blood Curdling Scream (with reverb) (0:04) — Details
Horror Film Opening
Horror Film Opening (3:18) — Details
Scary Kids and Children
Scary Kids and Children (2:20) — Details
Soft Horror Piano Drone
Soft Horror Piano Drone (3:09) — Details

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