Dark Music

Paint it black with these heavy, somber, and angst-filled tracks

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Angst and sorrow can be powerful emotions for great storytelling. Perfect for projects ranging from the epic and apocalyptic to pensive Urban Gothics and Noirs, our curated collection of dark music will help you set the right tone from the start.

28 Nightmares Later
28 Nightmares Later (2:55) — Details
Vampire Blood Lust Scary Theme
Vampire Blood Lust Scary Theme (3:03) — Details


Dark Orchestral Ambience
Dark Orchestral Ambience (3:25) — Details


Dark Ominous Movie Theme
Dark Ominous Movie Theme (0:33) — Details
Desolate Landscape
Desolate Landscape (2:17) — Details
Family Tragedy
Family Tragedy (1:00) — Details
Not The Best Day
Not The Best Day (3:06) — Details
Dead Sky
Dead Sky (1:38) — Details
Slow Surrender Part 2
Slow Surrender Part 2 (1:04) — Details


Progeny (1:41) — Details


Dystopia (Cinematic Underscore)
Dystopia (Cinematic Underscore) (2:29) — Details
Lamentation (1:13) — Details
Devil In Me
Devil In Me (2:56) — Details
Red Stuff
Red Stuff (3:15) — Details
Crying Myself To Sleep
Crying Myself To Sleep (0:52) — Details
Hiding The Tears
Hiding The Tears (2:58) — Details
Dont Let Him Get Away!
Dont Let Him Get Away! (1:32) — Details
Dark Omen
Dark Omen (3:25) — Details
F min drama section
F min drama section (1:10) — Details
Fsharp minor dark piano
Fsharp minor dark piano (1:25) — Details
Cmin sad rain
Cmin sad rain (1:28) — Details


Dark Evil
Dark Evil (4:00) — Details
Feel the Tension
Feel the Tension (3:20) — Details
Dark Christmas
Dark Christmas (2:51) — Details
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